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21 Days to Absolute Wealth

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21 Days to Absolute Wealth

Change Your Financial Future in 21 Days

 21 Days to Absolute Wealth was created to support you in staying in the energy of success and a willingness to do whatever it takes to change your life.
To my knowledge, the format of 21 Days to Absolute Wealth is different from any other course out there on the internet. And here’s why!!
Each day for 21 days you will receive an email from me that has been specially designed to keep you clear, focused and staying in the energy of success that you have created for yourself.
In each email you will receive:
     1. A daily message from me with a “Power Question” for the Day.
     2. A 20-30 minute audio with a new teaching that helps you to see things from a much clearer perspective.
     3. A transcript of the audio that you can print out and make a book for yourself. I promise that you will want to keep this information for future reference.
     4. Each day there will be an important, short homework assignment that will take between 5-10              minutes to complete. While it will be short it will keep you focused and moving forward. The homework is designed to engage you in powerful questions that will open new vistas for you.
     5. And lastly, all of this information is in the members’ area for you to access at any time.

YOU decide when you want to start your 21 Day journey with the support and structure which will expand your wisdom and your achievements.
(I could go on and on about how powerful this information and format will be)



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